Joyner Lucas – Litty (Freestyle)

joyner lucas -litty freestyle

joyner lucas -litty freestyle

DOWNLOAD MP3:Joyner Lucas – Litty (Freestyle).On Monday evening Joyner Lucas offered a rap battle to Tory Lanez to prove who’s better after the Canadian rapper/singer said they weren’t on the same level.

During an Instagram Live session, Tory commented on Joyner Lucas as someone who is nice but not better than him overall. “The Joyner kid? He’s nice, but he can’t f*ck with me,” Lanez said while boasting about his rapping and songwriting capabilities. “Not on no level, period.”

Joyner saw the clip and challenged Tory to a rap battle. “@torylanez if your so confident my guy, let’s pick a beat,” he wrote. “you spit your hardest bars over it and il do the same. Wel let the people decide who ain’t fucking with who. Then we will pick a date and time and you present your version and I’m present my version. Same exact beat so it’s fair.”

As promised he sure delivered without leaving Trippie Redd outta this. “…Me and 6ix9ine had Trippie Redd bitch on the couch
She was giving us a threesome, nigga” He spit!

This is Joyner!!! the one shouldn’t fuck with. He ended the 3 minutes plus freestyle with; Let’s make a record Nigga!!!

Here is a few lyrics .
[Verse 1]
What’s up with you R&B niggas tryna turn rappers and trappers (Joyner, Joyner)
You should just stay in your lane, bro, you sound like PaRappa the Rapper (Yeah, yeah)
I’m looking down on you when you talk to me, you should grab you a ladder
You swung at me, only jabbed at my bladder
Watch you disappear like you abracadabra (Poosh)
Now grab me a dagger
You got some hits but you lacking a swagger (Yeah)
I’m still the shit, bitch, so that doesn’t matter
Don’t call me a kid, I’m your papi and dada (Hahaha)
You get splattered and flattened
You an’ Trippie better have you some backup (Hol’ up)
Ren and Stimpy looking agi’ and staggered
And when I kill ’em, they get madder and madder
Time to get litty, bitch, fuck all that singin’ (Yeah)
You challenge me, what the fuck is you thinking’ (Woo)
Way too much weed, what the fuck is you drinkin’?
I brought the tsunami, you fuckers are sinkin’ (Brrrat).

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