Cardi B Is Back With Offset

Cardi B Is Back With Offset

Cardi B Is Back With Offset: It’s only been two months since Cardi B and Offset broke up, but it feels like much longer.

After her New York assault casewas postponed to April, someone caught Cardi leaving the courthouse and asked her the status of her and Offset’s relationship. Dressed head to toe in fur, she responded, “We’re working it out, baby.”

According to TMZ, Cardi is heading down south to Atlanta to move back into their home, where she apparently hasn’t been since leaving him last year after accusing him of cheating.

After they broke up, Offset went on an apology/blame tour trying to get Cardi back while telling the internet, “Y’all won,” like everything was out of his control. Anyway, it looks like all that begging worked because now they’re reportedly living under one roof again.
TMZ reports that Offset changed his phone number to prove to Cardi that he isn’t taking calls from any other women. The phone is strictly for Cardi and business calls. Allegedly, a “no groupies” rule has also been applied to Offset, who will have to avoid his eager female fans for the sake of his relationship.

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